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    Welcome to Shenzhen Sunview Technology Co. ltd.
    Add:3rd floor,Building 6,Mengliyuan Industrial Park,No.146,Yousong Road,Longhua District,Shenzhen City,China.
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    Article Source: Sunview  Author:Sunview  Date: 2016-03-30 10:05:34

    Shenzhen Sunview Technology Co., LTD. Since its establishment, determined to guide the development of the domestic AV industry. Adhering to the customer first service philosophy, proactive. Over the years, the company has been committed to R & D and brand building, technology-driven industry in order to enhance the brand value-added products, the company introduced SANTECH brand, its product line includes DID LCD splicing, DID LCD, 6.7mm / 5.3 ultra-narrow edge LCD stitching, large-scale ultra-wideband RGB matrix, VGA matrix, AV matrix, multi-screen image processor, Quad and a variety of signal transmission equipment, SANTECH products through rigorous testing to ensure superior stability, factory We will continue to ISO9000 quality system as a guide for the user to create a reliable, high value-added products.


    People-oriented, technology-oriented, as a professional products manufacturer of video art, Sheng significant technology in people-oriented enterprise development concept, brought together the domestic first-class talents, scientific management, first-class service and high-quality professional R & D team is a high performance effectively guarantee high-quality products, scientific and technological Sheng was always one step ahead, jumped, is unique. Close attention to international trends tiled display products, and constantly develop new tiled display products, the optimization and upgrading of traditional products into the international circle, to meet market demand, guide the consumer market, to enable enterprises to sustainable development, maintain their vigor. The idea of excellence, leading technology, professional spirit and scientific attitude is significant Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. became the multi-screen display system solutions for manufacturers and integrators a powerful guarantee.

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