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    Welcome to Shenzhen Sunview Technology Co. ltd.
    Cloud splicing Cloud splicing

    The large-screen display, matrix, transmitter, codecs and other equipment as a function of the polymerization can direct seamless access to various types of video over the network, all the way to access any video source available in the full range of splicing screen arbitrary roaming display. High-end embedded processing platform cloud image display processor, which greatly simplify the structure of large-screen display system.Cloud management, Visual Xpress through computers, mobile phones, PAD can always operate the big screen.All cloud splicing processor available through WEB applications direct access to the display and control. Only need to login using IE browser or PAD client can access and management anytime, anywhere. Real-time look back at bringing more heart handling experience for each channel signal source image visualization mode of operation at the client.

    Large-screen Large-screen

    Vertical-screen image processor with high-speed image processing chip, support 2-way CVBS, HDMI, DVI, VGA and USB each one input signal input via HDMI to meet on special occasions rotated 90 degrees vertical screen display needs . With splicing processor enables vertical screen display.

    HDMI Matrix HDMI Matrix

    HDMI Matrix series, you can synchronize audio and video signal input to quickly switch to any or all the way to multi-channel output. Using 4.5Gbps high-bandwidth switching chip, compatible support 480P, 720P, 1080i, 1080P resolution, so that in this mode the signal transmission signal attenuation to a minimum, provide a good high-definition performance, ensure that the image signal can be high-fidelity output. With RS-232 communication interface to facilitate computer, remote control system or remote control equipment connected applications.


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